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Best Armada Kiteboard 2017

You are looking for a twin tip that provides highest performance for advanced freeride, freestyle and new school tricks? The Armada is made for those who prefer a board with the performance of a professional competition board but with the comfort of a freeride board. It is light, durable and aggressive while providing the flex your knees will love. The new version has a stronger but thinner 3D top deck and comes with our new designed Prime pads and straps. This new setup is complete 400 g lighter than last years version. 45 mm G10 fiberglass fins are included. Freeride, Freestyle and New School – Ride It Your Way The Armada is an incredibly versatile board that easily adapts to the conditions at the spot as well as to the rider’s style and abilities. It delivers highest performance on demand, no matter if you go for a mellow freeride session or an action packed freestyle shred. The Armada will help you break your limits and soar to new heights. Quality – Lightness Meets Durability Best shaper Franz Schitzhofer fine-tuned the Armada to perfection. Seven years have passed since the first version was launched and in this time the materials grew better, the knowledge and experience advanced and high tech manufacturing became available. Today’s version of the Armada is made by skilled hands in Europe using high tech machinery. The Supremo Paulownia wood core is cut with a laser guided CNC machine to provide a precise base that is merged with a rare unidirectional Carbon Tech Fiber which tremendously enhances the board control while keeping the weight low. All that combined with our bomb proof block inserts allow the rider to use the Armada with boots. The Armada passed intense long term tests so it comes with our lifetime warranty. Grip and Control – Stay Ahead Of Your Game To ride with speed in choppy and gusty conditions and also to master sketchy landings, you need a board with grip. The Armada’s sharp step rail and channel design offers incredible control by steering the water flow. Combined with the 45 mm G10 fins it provides a remarkable grip. Going upwind and holding the edge to power up your take-offs suddenly comes natural and you will always stay in control. Features – Advanced Technology For Greater Performance The innovative reversed 3D torsion shock absorber constructed into the top layer of your board make the Armada a smooth ride. Especially when landing tricks or riding chop the shock absorbers protect your knees and add comfort. We optimized our Torsion-X reinforcement to increase the board’s stability and reworked our 3-stage rocker line. Our new Prime straps are super light, avoid soaking up water, are anti-slippery while the damping foam clings to your feet. The Armada provides everything you need to perform!
£499.00 £250.00

Best Spin Kiteboard 2017

The Spin is all about getting the most out of every freeride session. It is very light, flexible and also can take a beating. It wants to ride upwind and eat chop. Thick box rails make it a favorite for jumping and holding the edge. It comes with 45 mm G10 fiberglass fins and our brand new Prime pads and straps that enhance comfort and control. This new setup is also about 400 g lighter than last year. Freeride Efficiency – Performance for all levels The Spin is shaped with the extensive knowledge and experience of board designer Franz Schitzhofer. It is constructed to get the job done. The board is extremely easy to handle, goes upwind without effort and offers great jumping abilities. It is incredibly light and has all the features needed for riders of all levels to enjoy the perfect freeride session. Stability and Comfort – Ride longer and stronger We equipped the Spin with an advanced three stage rocker, 3D shock absorbers and a Supremo Paulownia wood flex core. This board easily absorbs heavy chop and hard landings, making it ultra-comfortable to ride - perfect for long freeride sessions. Our light Prime pads and straps are extremely comfortable while offering an incredible grip. They basically cling to your feet and further dampen your ride. With this setup you are ready to face rough seas. Upwind Performance – Ride Against The Wind The Spin has a concave bottom so it provides early planning and excellent upwind characteristics, perfectly designed to assist you on your course. The included G10 fin setup provides the perfect grip so you can edge harder, go faster and jump higher. Durability – Quality to Last ABS box rails make the board super solid and durable so it is your ideal travel companion you will share endless sessions and adventures with. The thick rail in combination with the 3D shock absorbers helps holding your edge.
£359.00 £200.00